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Sustainability at Fischer

Components for environmentally friendly refrigeration

The Fischer product range contains numerous components for natural refrigerants such as CO2, NH3 or hydrocarbon.

Especially for the use of CO2, Fischer offers you a large number of components like:

  • CO2 gas cooler
  • high-strength copper tubes for CO2
  • CO2 oil separator


Within the meaning of recycling, Fischer customers have the option to send back old refrigerants and machine oil for recycling. In terms of an easy procedure we not only assume the complete handling but also offer special recycling bottles for the recovery and the return of the refrigerant. Please contact us for further information.

Renewable Energy

Sustainability is also a matter of our operating business and the management of our properties and buildings where we want to act reasonably and resource-friendly. That is why we built a solar sytem on the roof of our central warehouse in Fellbach when constructing it. This solar system generates enough electricity to cover most of the whole business´s  electricity demand.