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Technology. Prices. Ordering.

Everything at a glance with the catalogue and ordering software CoolNavigator

The CoolNavigator links our detailed technical main catalogue with powerful search functions in our Fischer database. This tool enables accessing prices as well as technical documentation at the same time on a single user-friendly platform.

You can put your items in a shopping basket and save or print it project-related or of course order the items directly on the internet.

Advantages of the CoolNavigator:

  • install the offline version on your computer or go online on the internet
  • simple search tool for all articles
  • all technical documentation and prices on one platform
  • you can click directly on order numbers in the catalogue
  • all customer-specific data and prices desplayed on platform
  • shopping basket available
  • save your shopping basket to continue working on it at a later point
  • save shopping basket project-related as an Excel file
  • reuse existing shopping baskets or reimport existing Excel files
  • work offline on your orders
  • check availabilities when online

Registered customers can get the CoolNavigator software by contacting us.

You will find updates for your CoolNavigator software once you are registered in our download section: