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Service made by Fischer

Technical products require quality in service, advice, and product documentation!

Service quality starts with people. Many of our sales team members have a background and field experience in refrigeration, airconditioning or electrical engineering, enabling them to help and assist our customers not only with commercial issues and order processing bus as well with all kind of technical questions and product selection.

On top of this, our specially trained technicians and engineers prepare cooling load calculations, system concepts and detailed offers for your projects.

Against the background of fast advancing technological developments, for example in the field of new refrigerants and energy efficiency, our customers and even our own employees have a continuous demand for education and information.

As a consequence, we implemented the [CF] Training programme, offering a wide selection of free-of-charge training modules, lectures and field trips on new technologies in close cooperation with our partners and suppliers in the industry.

When it comes to online-services, Fischer customers not only benefit from ProShop, our specifically designed professional webshop, but as well from other powerful tools such as DokuSystem, our database for technical documentation and our unique 360° procurement software CoolNavigator.

Using CoolNavigator, installation companies can easily handle their complete procurement process from product selection and online availability check to placing an order. Moreover, the software offers various interfaces and possibilities to communicate and exchange data with the customes other IT systems and structures.

Based on worldwide cooperations and partnerships with the most important component manufacturers and organisationsof our industry, Fischer offers one of the most complete and innovative portfolios of products and services, tailored to match the needs of a challenging market.

In a nutshell, service means to us to make your business and sourcing process as simple and comfortable as possible.