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[CF] Systems - Refrigeration pack systems by Fischer

Under the [CF] Systems brandname, Fischer is designing and manufacturing standardised and individually designed system solutions for all kind of applications and requirements, reaching from solutions for commercial refrigeration up to industrial refrigeration and large air-conditioning projects.

Our systems are not only state-of-the art in terms of innovative, efficient and realiable technology, but as well offer leading edge quality and safety standards.

Due to our longstanding activites in the system business, our customers benefit from the knowledge and experience from thousands of successfully realized projects, extensive know-how in many fields and best references when it comes to:

»» refrigeration systems for halogenated hydrocarbons 
     (R134a, R404A, R410A, ...)

»» refrigeration systems for hydrocarbons (R290, R600a, ...)

»» refrigeration systems for ammonia NH3 (R717)

»» refrigeration systems for CO2 (R744)

The Fischer „one stop shopping“ idea creates even more added value, once the refrigeration part of the system is supplied as a unit, together with the electromechanical setup such as electrical cabinet and controls - completely prewired, tested and ready to install.

Last but not least, [CF] Systems customers benefit from the Fischer wholesale portfolio when selecting and sourcing the right evaporators, condensers and installation material to go along with the refrigeration pack.